Training for Sabah youths in oil and gas

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6th October, 2011
MEMBAKUT: Muhamad Sahawal, one of PETRONAS’s Kimanis Petroleum Training Centre’s (KTC) first students, is looking forward to working in Sabah’s oil and gas industry.

The 20-year-old from Kg. Lanas Kimanis was very surprised to be selected as the only KTC student from his neighbourhood.

Over 1,000 people from his area attended PETRONAS’ briefing on KTC.

And, he was among the 24 youths from Kimanis and Sipitang who were selected to enrol in the first training centre established by the national oil company.

The centre is also the first institute to offer the Industrial Instrumentation and Control certificate in Sabah, a much-needed qualification in Sabah’s growing oil and gas industry.

Asri Jabar, 18, from Bongawan, attended KTC’s briefing after he was alerted by his ex-teacher in SMK Bongawan on Facebook.

Over nine students from his school were selected as KTC students after they attended an interview conducted by PETRONAS officers.

Abdul Sharin, 21, also from Bongawan, is the second of six siblings and he believes that KTC is a stepping stone to his ambition of becoming an engineer.

“I wanted to enrol for a course in Peninsula Malaysia, but after finding out more about KTC from my family and because of my interest in the oil and gas field, I agreed to join the course.”

Another student in the programme shares a similar family encouragement with Abdul Sharin.

Mohd Zaidi Harris, 18, the third of four siblings, is the only student from Sipitang.

He said his older sister met with PETRONAS officers after attending their briefing at her school earlier this year and that her sister was advised to get him to fill in the registration form and attend the interview.

Another student, Azrie Slamat, 19, could hardly believe his luck in getting the chance to study at the centre.

“I attended the briefing and due to my interest in oil and gas industry, I found the speaker’s points very interesting. I was surprised as the questions asked during the interview were very similar to the points in the speech. After the interview, I was certain I would be selected,” he said.

Syahrul Asyraf, 18, from Bongawan, is looking forward working as one of the trainers at the KTC’s main campus upon “graduating” in 2013.

His father is also a teacher at SMK Membakut, less than 5 minutes from KTC’s temporary campus.

“I was told that the course I’m taking now is within a much needed field especially in Sabah. So, once I’ve obtained my certificate, I’m determined to continue my studies elsewhere and hope to become a trainer at the new KTC,” he said.

Azhar Aris, KTC’s internal verification officer and trainer, said that due to lack of capacity, the temporary campus only offered the industrial instruments and control certificate for levels 2 and 3.

Under the collaboration with the Pasir Gudang Industrial Training Institute (ILP), the modules were prepared based on the oil and gas industry’s needs.

KTC, which will begin its operations in 2013, focuses on providing oil and gas industry skills and developing manpower among youths to sustain industry needs.

Azhar said the centre is expected to produce skilled workers for Sabah’s oil and gas projects like Sabah Oil and Gas Terminal (SOGT), Kimanis Power Plant (KPP), Sabah Sarawak Gas Pipelines and also other manufacturing plants.

PETRONAS is investing RM50 million for the development of the KTC over the next three years. This year, it is estimated that some RM18.5 million will be spent for the establishment of the training centre.

KTC’s temporary campus in Membakut will be launched on Sunday by Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman, who is also the Kimanis Member of Parliament.

According to Gilead Philip, an assessment officer and trainer at KTC, besides equipping them with technical skills, KTC will also provide them with life skills such as financial management, English language skills and religious classes for the Muslim students.

“The students are given RM400 a month, which is split into two instalments, one instalment per two weeks. We will teach them how to use their money wisely,” he added.

Ana Abbas, the only female trainer at KTC said the students are easy going and they are keen to learn new skills. However, there are also students who were quite weak in their technical classes and needed extra guidance.

Meanwhile, Azhar Aris said the trainers are lucky as the students are keen learners.

KTC’s temporary campus offers a full-time programme in Industrial Instrumentation and Control using the National Occupational Skills Standard (NOSS) under the purview of the Department of Skill Development (DSD) which is under the Ministry of Human Resources.

Throughout Malaysia, only three Industrial Training Institutes (ILP) and one or two private institutions offer the same course, and all of them are situated in Peninsula Malaysia.

(Source: New Sabah Times)

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